Welcome to Texas Steel Detailer

 TSD provide structural steel detailing services for construction projects around Texas. I work with steel fabrication companies around San Antonio Houston , Dallas & Fort Worth areas. I primarily work on small to medium size project up to about 50 tons of steel.  I do not consider any job being too small, I even accept work that has just one sheet. All drawing will be checked old school style by hand, And is checked before the drawing are send in for approval and again before being sent in for fabrication. No work will be checked on screen or in the 3D model. 


 I have been detailing structural steel for over 18 years and Texas Steel Detailers has been in business for 8 years continuously. The majority of my work is commercial steel. But at times i also handle shop plans for many types of industrial plants and architectural exposed steel. 


I do not send any work overseas. I myself do all the steel detailing, estimating, writing RFI, and if any field surveying.


Back in the 60's and up to the 80's drafting books had a full section covering lines, text and dimensions quality. These rules were made to help the shop staff to read and understand the plans. These rules are just as important today as they were back in the 60's. However most detailing companies no longer follow these rules. My detailing software is design to follows the old school rules of lines, text and dimensions quality. All to make the detail sheets fully understandable.


I'm available 8am ~ 7pm  and 6 days a week. And I keep a Mini-PC loaded with all my current projects with me. So I can answer any question you may have any time of the day.


Most job average about $150 ~ $175 per sheet. I give discounts on projects if AutoCAD files are provided. My shop plans are normal sent in for approval review in 2 weeks.


Supports brackets under benches, and counter tops. Sidewalk Boxes, Roof openings.  Trench drain and Areaway Grating, Sump Pits, Z-purlings Pipe Bollards, Steel columns with simpson hangers, TSD also may pick up other items that may only be shown on the architect civil and landscape drawings.


 >  Verifying in field dimensions
>  Checking location of embeded items
>  Creating handrail layouts and plans
>  Accurate stairs fit up and  installation. 


One Leica Disto A3 Distance meter
Two PLS 3 Beam plumb bob
​Two stanley crosshair lasers
Bosch floor square "shop layout tool"


All parts of pre-engineered metal building. Wrought iron fences and gates.